Real Estate ERP & CRM (Plot Booking Software)

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“Plan, track and communicate Business' growth every step of the way.” Stress free Real Estate Management ERP & CRM

Today’s world is a fast competitive world where every second in the business process counts. The currently real estate companies have a very lengthy procedure for booking of the properties. In the Real Estate Sector we have developed a Software System that keeps your record up-to-date in a quick way with a fraction of seconds. Our Real Estate Management System deliberately planned to facilitate with high qualitative results as per the needs of our customer and gives a hand to deal with complexities while booking the procedure with an ease.

Real Estate ERP

Inquiry Management

Inquiry Management is useful for people finding difficulties in managing their Incoming Inquiry from various sources and reply them.

Visitor Management

Visitor Management solution to manage electronic records of various activities at the entry and exit points of large organizations.

Booking Management

Real Estate Developers to manage and track Sales activities across all categories of their projects e.g Commercial, Residential, Plotting, Villas etc

Agent Management

Project Management Solution provide open New Project, Site location, contact details. Manage multiple schemes in a single project, Manage rate of scheme with accommodation.

Project Management

Project Management Solution provide open New Project, Site location, contact details. Manage multiple schemes in a single project, Manage rate of scheme with accommodation.

Property Bank

Using this system you can create Property Bank, Which will let you know the status of property remain you hold using Real Estate Management software

List Of Features
  • Facility to add all categories of real estate projects.
  • Facility to add blocks, floor and entity to each project
  • Facility to view the current booker on just mouse over an entity in virtual view.
  • Facility to book an entity on clicking the entity in virtual view.
  • Facility to store the booking details and date of booking etc for each entity and also edit it.
  • Facility to store the agent ref in booking and also note the booker or staff member doing data entry.
  • Facility to cancel a booking, add details of cancellation and also make property available for booking.
  • Reports with search facility to populate concise data as per need and export to excel facility for storage purpose and other uses.
  • Payment Option (EMI , Installment, Full Payment )
  • Agent commission slab management.
  • Staff management and staff role management to restrict rights as per need.

Quick Contact

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  • Email
  • Phone
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Features Available
  • Customer Master
  • Project/Scheme Master
  • Plot Type Mastert
  • Plots Master
  • Plot Booking
  • EMI cum Installment
  • Over dues (Penalty) Tracking
  • Plot Registry
  • SMS Module
  • Reports
Our Guarantees
  • 100%
  • Communication
  • After
    Service Support
Save Money, Save Paper, Save Time

With i-Manage school management system you can save more than 80% on cost of communicating circulars and resources to students, parents &school staff. Not just the savings in cost, but gains in efficiency by sharing electronically, alerting immediately through SMS and even viewing them on the move with cloud. It's an awesome experience for schools as well as for parents &students

Save Time &Increase efficiency

Schools have dedicated staff to attend to parents who visit them at school to discuss issues. For a reasonably large school, this number can be quite significant (say 20+) parents visiting school daily and spending on an average of 5-10 mins with the staff.

Using i-Manage school management system built in multi-threaded communication system, we have observed a win-win situation for both parents and schools, whereby now, school’s staff can expend more time on core academic activities and the parents can communicate with the staff remotely and have all their queries answered in a more efficient manner.

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