Auction Management System

Auction Management Software & Auction Website

“A Complate Auction Website With Auction Management System”

i-Manage Auction Management System is not only Software, it is web based Software integrated with online bidding web site. With i-Manage Auction software you get not only a great software tool but also a commitment from the people behind the product to support the product (and you!) so that you achieve your auction management goals.


Auction Software Admin Tools

  • Auction management
  • Lot management
  • Bid management
  • User management
  • Data export and reporting
  • Vendor &Bidder Management
  • Category management and lot Management
  • Content management of other information on the site

Auction Management

  • Create or edit an auction
  • Add an auction title and description
  • Add documents like bidsheet, PDF Catalouge for download
  • Specify the start and end date for the auction.
  • Add a logo or picture to help attribute the item to a particular sale
  • Group manage the lots within the auction
  • Force users to be registered and approved for the auction before bidding

Lot Management

  • Lot title
  • Lot description
  • Upload the Photograph of LOT items
  • Lot status
  • Bidding Suspended – suspend bidding at any time
  • Bidding Increment
  • Opening Bid
  • Categories and tagging
  • Out Bid Email / Mobile Notification
  • Winner Bid Notification
  • Lot Zooming and detailing

Bid Management

  • Bidder name
  • Bid amount
  • IP Tracking
  • Black List The Bidder
  • Whether the bid is active
  • Bid date and time
  • Lot for which the bid was made

Quick Contact

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Service
Who can use Auction Management Software?
  • Organization which held event of an Auction for numismatics coins.
  • Organization that held an event for a real estate Property
  • Organization that held an Auction for Products.
  • Organization that held Auction for Antique things.
Advantage of Auction management
  • You can Generate Bid sheet
  • Bidding Analysis Report
  • Generate quick Invoice / Bill for Vendor and Bidder
  • Label Printing for Sending Catalogue
Our Guarantees
  • 100%
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    Sign Project
  • Communication
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    Service Support
Data export and reporting

Access to the data in the system is flexible. It can be accessed through the reporting system. All data is available through a series of filters, search criteria and, if required, custom reporting. This means all data can be viewed on the page or downloaded and analysed in Excel.

Specialist reports, such as a Absent Bidder Bids, Bid Comparison, Bid Sheet, Bidding Analysis, Auction wise Bidder Detail, Auction wise Vendor Details, Bidder Registration, Vendor Registration, Post Sale Vendor Advice, Pre Sale Vendor Advice, Price Realized, Sales Report, Vendor Consignment Receipt,Vendor Lot Detail,Lot Wise Vendor List, Vendor Invoice,Bidder Invoice,Vendor Registration,Bidder Registration, Auction wise Vendor Detail, Auction wise Bidder Detail

Category management and tagging

Lots can be divided into categories. This helps bidders easily locate and identify lots they wish to purchase. Lots can also be located by entering search criteria.

Tags can also be assigned to lots and these can help users use related key words to seek out related items for sale.

These categories and tags can be managed using the admin tools.

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